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Which Pimsleur product is right for me?

Use the Pimsleur Course Chooser below to help you determine the right course for you:

  • Pimsleur Quick & Simple [info]
    (Lessons 1-8 from Pimsleur ESL Comprehensive Level 1):
  • Pimsleur Quick & Simple is a good choice if you want to Learn English and try out the Pimsleur Method before investing in the full 30 lesson Comprehensive course.

    This is also a good course if you need to learn a little English for a brief stay in an English speaking country.

    Even after only 8 lessons, you can start to hold simple conversations!.

  • Pimsleur Basic [info] (Lessons 1-10 of Pimsleur Comprehensive Level 1)
  • Pimsleur Basic is a good choice if you wish to sample the full Comprehensive course before purchasing, or if you are traveling for a brief stay to a foreign country and would simply like to feel more comfortable while your traveling.

    After only 10 lessons, you start to get a good feel for the Pimsleur method and are able to hold basic conversations in your native language!.

  • Pimsleur Compact [info] (10-Lesson only courses for some of the less popular-but equally great languages)
  • Pimsleur Compact courses are your choice for languages where there is currently no Comprehensive level course available. The Compact courses, while consisting of 10 lessons, provide an excellent start in developing conversational skills in your chosen language. Please note that nany of the Comprehensive level courses began with the Compact version. Your language may be next!

  • Pimsleur Comprehensive [info]

    Pimsleur Comprehensive level courses are designed to teach you speaking skills at an intermediate to advanced-intermediate level (see this graphic(courtesy American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) to get a good picture.

  • Pimsleur Plus [info] (Lessons 91-100)
  • Pimsleur Combo Pack Bundles [info] (Pimsleur Comprehensive Levels 1, 2, 3 and Plus)

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